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OEM Service

Steel cutting

Dajin Can handle all of cut-to-length steel needs.Include flat bar cutting,round bar cutting,square bar cutting,hexgonal steel bar cutting,steel plate cutting etc,the cutting grade can be alloy steel,carbon steel,mild steel,tool steel,stainless steel etc.

Steel drilling

In order to have a high efficiency processing time,dajin also provides the steel drilling service.With computerized automation,the ability to drill the hole with diameter from 100-300mm,the depth can be 3000mm,the main grade include 4140 4145 4150 42CrMo4 etc.Widely used in Oil and drilling industry.

steel bar

Steel heat treatment

Dajin provides the services of metal heat treatment,improvement the mechanical properties include the hardness,strength,impact value.Heat treatment is an important step of mechanical parts and die manufacturing process. Da Jin provides heat treatment services which include vacuum heat treating,hardening,quenching,tempering, normalizing, annealing, and cryogenic hardening, etc.

Steel machining

Dajin provides a complete range of OEM services around the world, offering a wide range of steel service solutions.Dajin are allied with experienced professional engineering team to provide customers with precision machining services of semi-finished parts,Our workshop machining capabilities include CNC lathing, milling, grinding, drilling, high speed machining, surface treatment and so on.

DaJin Steel OEM advantages:

Computerized automation,with very

precision size

High efficiency


Cost saving